An App Development Company Explained

October 30, 2020

Unlike when the conversations Realtors or Teachers have, explaining what you do as an app development company can a bit difficult. We're here to clear up any confusion and give a clear and decisive breakdown of exactly what an app development company does.

App Concept and Product Assessment

If an app development company is doing their job currently, an added service they offer is the product validation stage. This ensures the web or mobile app idea the customer has has been formulated enough to start development. It would be a colossal waste of resources, time and money to just build the first app idea that popped into someone's head.

What Skills an App Development Company Should Bring

There are a core set of skills any decent app development company should possess. Beyond those core skills are what sets that particular agency a part from others.

Analytic Skills

Analyzing exactly what the customer's needs are and what they are trying to achieve with the creation of their app.

Attention to Detail

Anything software-related, it's very important to pay close attention to detail. Or it might be difficult to produce a functioning MVP.


Any service-based business, communication plays a critical role. When developing an app, communication is important so the customer is informed on progress, any road blocks, new feature opportunities, or anything else that comes about during development.


Many companies have UI/UX designers on staff to really liven web and mobile application designs up. This is the fun part, the beautiful interface that the customers see.

Customer Service

Customer service goes hand in hand with communication. If your customer service and communication are lacking, it's going to be really difficult to produce a decent product or grow a sustainable business.


App development companies should be problem solving wizards! When navigating unchartered app or software development waters, solving new problems that jump out at you are a must.


An app development company could have a team of 1 or a team of many. From UX designers to app developers to project managers, everyone needs to be on the same page to keep a project on track and chugging along towards their due dates.

Technical Skills

This one is a given, but an app development company MUST have technical skills. You could con your way through a Social Media Marketing Strategy session, but it's difficult to do so when developing a mobile app.

iOS App, Android App, Mobile App and Web App Developers Alike

It's very common for app development companies to offer a variety of web and mobile app development services such as: mobile app, iOS app, Android app and web app development. Your client will want to have the ability to deploy their amazing new app to anyone and everyone. We use Flutter, which allows our app developers to deploy apps to multiple devices with a single code base. This cuts down on expenses and time, which makes our clients happy!

What Makes Hiperion Unique Among All App Development Companies

Hiperion's main driving factor: we want to partner with your company for the long run, not just the initial prototyping or MVP. We strongly believe that avoiding the transactional scenario of developing an app, getting a paycheck and saying goodbye forever is not the way to operate on a long-term scale. We offer flexible payment options including: Equity, Royalty, Cash or a combination of those options. This allows startups and entrepreneurs to get thousands of dollars worth of development time, for a small portion of their company. This also gives Hiperion motivation to help your company succeed for long-term growth!

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