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Custom Software Development

Saying you offer Software Development is pretty vague, so please continue reading this so you know what we're good at. We build lightning fast custom websites, develop scalable mobile applications, voice-activated iOT software, Enterprise Software solutions and more. Our development team is ready to take your lightbulb idea and turn it into reality!

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Product Development

Your amazing idea, could be...amazing-er? Our team utilizes Product Development and Strategy expertise to assess your existing idea and improve in a number of different ways. It might just be a small tweak, or it could be an entire redesign. We're here to help your product or idea get the love it deserves.

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Prototyping & 
3D Design

Don't get us wrong, we love developing software and developing existing products, Prototyping & 3D Design is where the real fun begins! Calling all tinkerers, calling all professional and experienced industrial manufacturers! There is no project too small or too big for our Prototyping & 3D Design team.

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Technical SEO & Amazon Marketing

We're here to help you navigate the muddy waters of selling on Amazon and marketing your product to the world! From Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to Amazon FBA, we can ensure your product is getting presented and sold to the world in a beautiful and captivating way.

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Meet the Team

Seth Kitchen | CTO/Co-Founder

Jace Thomas | CEO/Co-Founder

Jan Polzer | Developer

Lucas Frois | Developer